What can we do? Overview about eligible project activities and funding

Eligible activities:

Under Key Action 1 organisations can apply for funding to run mobility projects for their learners or staff members.
From 2021 the standard procedure to take part in KA1 will be first to apply for accreditation to gain then simplified access to Key Action 1 funding opportunities under the future programme (2021-2027).

The accreditation is valid for the whole programme generation and in your Erasmus plan you define your concrete plans and objectives.
The possibilities depend on the target group:


Staff means teachers, trainers, mobility officers or also staff with administrative or guidance functions in vocational education and training.

They can be sent abroad to teach, train, or be trained at a school or other organisation.

Between 2 days and 2 months (excluding travel days)

They can do a work placement or job shadowing/observation in an enterprise or other VET organisation


Funding depends on three factors: the target group, the country of origin and the country of destination as well as the duration.
It includes amounts for:

  • Organisational support
  • Travel costs based on the distance
  • Individual support based on country and duration
  • Linguistic preparation
  • Special needs support
  • Exceptional costs

In the next chapter of this course, we give more information on the funding details.

Make a first sketch of your project idea:

Do you have any questions or other aspects you want to share with us and the other course participants?

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  1. Mînzicu Valentina

    How do we manage to meet the requirements of all participants?
    Can we carry out more projects according to the students’ interests?
    Will we be able to get accreditation for more projects?

    1. Hello Valentina, the accreditation is for your organisation. It allows you to carry out several mobility flows according to the needs of the participants. The flows and the contents depend on your needs and the arrangements with your partners. You have great flexibility. Once your organisation is accredited you ask your National Agency for funding for the concrete flow.
      Let me give you an example:
      Flow 1, destination Denmark, 5 participants from the field of mechatronics gain practical experiences in car shops for 3 weeks. You ask for funding and will receive the grant for this flow.
      Flow 2, destination France, 5 participants from the field of tourism gain experiences in hotels. You ask for funding and will receive the grant for this flow.
      Flow 1, destination Country XY, 10 participants from different fields, in our example mechatronics and tourism, gain practical experiences in different companies or a larger school center that offers both fields. Also here you ask for funding for this flow as a larger group of persons from different fields but summarised in one mobility because your host or intermediary partner can organise this.

  2. What is the better way to evaluate the needs of yough sudents in VET that can be atended by mobility experiences? How can we know that some kind of yough students will beneficit of mobility experiences?

    1. You find a lot of information about evaluation, including tools and methods, in chapter 5 of this training. Can you have a look at it and we exchange there further on about evaluation?

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