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Current challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, an increased awareness of sustainable development and the growing importance of digitisation also influence the Erasmus programme and are even more strongly reflected in the new programme generation.
Main principles, defined in the Erasmus Quality standards, are therefore:

Environmental sustainability and responsibility:
Environmentally sustainable and responsible behaviour among participants should be promoted. Also sustainabile means of travel shall be considered.
Digital education – including virtual cooperation, virtual mobility and blended mobility
Digital tools and learning methods should be used to complement physical mobility activities, and to improve the cooperation with partner organisations.

Is there any advice that you want to add or do you have questions?

Online Tutoring 26.11. – 02.12.2020

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  17. Cum arătăm că beneficiarii provin din medii dezavantajate și nu au dispozitive pentru educatie on-line sau acces la internet?

    1. I am sorry but I don´t speak Romanian so that I canonly answer in English. When the translation programme is right you asked how to prove that students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and do not have devices for online education or internet access?
      About the disadvantaged backgrounds it is the same answer as below, you need to describe it in the application and report when writing about your target group,
      As regards the access to online education or internet access, participants in a mobility need internet access only to write the participant report at the end of a mobility. Is it possible that they can use a computer with internet access at your school? If not, maybe there is an internet café?
      For all other parts of the mobility, it is in general sufficient if the mobility coordinator has internet access. Tasks that have to be done online include organisation and management of flows in the mobility tool, communication with partner organisations abroad to prepare the stay and often practical arrangements like booking flights etc.

    1. You have to describe this in details when writing about your target group and argument why special support is needed.

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