Why engaging in EU Mobility?

What do you think? What can be the main benefits for you and your surrounding?

Online Tutoring 16.11. – 25.11.2020

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  1. We have participated in three mobilities and two of them were vocational training.First af all students have had amazing experiences in a foregn country.They had to opportunity to learn more about European culture and education system as well as their vocational subject. Teachers had the chance to meet and share information with their colleagues.

  2. It has been a great moment, I met new people, established relationships, became more culturally aware.

  3. It gives opportunity to students and teachers to improve their competences, to share samples of good practice and to develop basic skills for LLL

  4. Learning about european dimension of education and trainning; share best practices; develop soft skills; develop openess and intercultural awareness.

  5. Welcome to the MOOC on “VET Mobility Management” MOOC!
    The ENNE Portuguese Team is looking forward to work with you
    We hope you find this experience very informative and rewarding

  6. Welcome to the start of our MOOC! The ENNE Italian Team is looking forward to get in contact with you! We wish you a nice experience!

  7. Thanks for your participation so far and welcome to the first day of the MOOC! These are already great reasons for getting involved in mobility! Have you already participated yourself in a mobility experience? And what do others say?

    1. Teachers, trainers and other staff in vocational education and training get to know first-hand another European educational system., learn and share ideas and best practices with European colleagues.

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