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Now that you are hopefully convinced about the benefits of living and working abroad for a certain period of time, let’s have a look at the EU programme that facilitates implementing your plans.

Any VET organisation can apply for funding.

Do you have any questions or do you want to share other aspects with us and the other course participants?

Online Tutoring 16.11. – 25.11.2020

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  1. Francesca Neivller

    I am responsible of Erasmus plus projects in my school, And we really think this is the best way to foster our students’ skills especially in our world that is more and more globalized and multicultural!! we have just applied for accreditation

  2. I work in a school that is newcomer to Erasmus+. For us, it is dificult to have partners that can fit with our yough students. What do you recommend related to manage to have partners?

    1. We have one chapter dedicated to partner search and finding reliable partners – it is 2.5.
      Finding the right partner for sure is one of the more challenging aspects, especially when you are sending very young learners. You have to trust the host organisation that they really take care, that the placements/activities fit etc.
      For partner search there are interesting websites like http://www.erasmobility.com, also members of the Eruopean Network for Quality Organisations in Mobility can be recommended. Besides, there are several partner search tools in social media.
      Independent if you decide for an intermediary or host, always make sure to ask all questions relevant for you in advance, also very practical aspects that are important for the learners. And if possible, visit them or arrange a staff mobility first.
      What is the field of education of your students?

  3. For the moment I has no questions ,but to participate here give me possibilities to learn about education in the world and this is the good thing for me .

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