Applying for a grant

Some requirements

With the new Erasmus+ programme from 2021 there are two options to participate in a mobility project:
  • Your organisation applies for an accreditation: Accreditation is expected to become the standard access for organisations. Instead of funding individual projects, interested organisations apply once for accreditation for Key Action 1 and can then submit ongoing annual requests for funding. The accreditation is unlimited in time and provides continuous access to funding for learning mobility. The accreditation is seen like an Erasmus membership.
  • You plan a short-term mobility project: In the future, Short-term Projects should give the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus program in project form. Specific restrictions will be formulated with regard to the duration of the projects, the number of participants and the maximum budget. In addition, it will only be possible for an institution to apply for two Short-term Projects within five years.

    Note: The EU Commission has not yet issued an official announcement on the Short-term Projects. All information is therefore subject to change.

Before starting with an application:

Have a look at the programme guide and the website of your National Agency. Make sure that the organisation you represent or work for is eligible to apply for funding.

Check the next deadline and the technical requirements for the electronic application and submission.

Make sure that your management supports your plans and that your organisation only applies for one project (except mobility consortia).

Find out your organisation ID (OID) or if you are new in this programme, register your organisation.

How to register:

To register your organisation, you first need to open an account with EU Login.
Go to the EU login page by entering the following address in the browser: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/login
Click on create an account and integrate at the following page all information you are asked for.

After you have provided all information, confirmed the privacy statement and clicked on “Create an account” you will receive a confirmation e-mail from EU login to the e-mail account provided in the registration form. Please follow the provided link as soon as possible. The link expires after 1h and 30min.

After you have clicked on the link from the e-mail, you will be directed to the site where you will be asked to choose a new password for the user name you have created. Then submit.
As soon as you have your EU Login data, you can ask for an OID: Please check the information at the Organisation register.

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  1. It is possible an organization have an OID as vocational school and at the same time education school? In my school we have both courses, general and VET.

    1. You have one OID for one organisation. You use this OID for all your activities in Erasmus, independent if general education or VET.

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