Selecting beneficiaries

Although you have already identified your target group in the proposal submitted and approved by your National Agency, having a well-planned strategy for the selection of the final beneficiaries will support you in identifying the most appropriate students, providing, at the same time, useful information to be exploited at a later stage, when you get to the matching of students’ profiles with the host organization.

What do you think, which competences do participants in a mobility project need?

Many competences are important but what counts is a good combination of:

  • Personal/social competences including motivation, responsibility, punctuality/regularity, adaptability, tenacity, resourcefulness
  • Professional competences referred to the overall performance in VET or to a specific unit of learning outcomes as well as other soft and hard skills acquired during previous work based learning and/or voluntary activities.
  • Language competences
  • Digital competences

Matrix for the selection

To help you with the selection, we offer a matrix. In this matrix you list and evaluate the different competences.
There may be competencies that are more important for your project than others. You can take this into account by weighting competences with a freely selectable percentage.
In addition, you need to think about evaluation methods that allow you to grade on a scale of 1-10, for example. This could be certificates, a CV, an internal evaluation, interviews, written tests or letters.

What do you see as most important competences for the selection? Can you share some examples or do you have questions?

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