Validation and certification

Several aspects are to be evaluated during a mobility.
The most important for the participants concerns the validation of learning outcomes. Have a look at the video to get further information:

Independent from the assessment form, every participant in a European Mobility project receives a certificate: The Europass Mobility. The Europass Mobility is a document to record knowledge and skills acquired in another European country.
The sending organisation applies for the Europass Mobility at a National Europass Centre and inserts information about the project, the organisations as well as the participant. The host organisation then adds data about the knowledge, skills and competences acquired during the programme abroad.

What methods for assessment are you using or want to use? How do you validate learning outcomes?

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  1. We use Learning Diaries, to learners express, reflect and integrate what they learned on mobility.

  2. Assessment methods are numerous, starting from the individual one where the student receives individual assessment, group assessment where the student is evaluated for the contribution he has given during group work and the other assessment is working in a mini group with a friend.
    The assessment I use the most is group assessment by looking at what students are able to give in the group, what are the relationships with other group members and what is the conclusion of all this work.

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