Finalising the project

We are curious

If you have already carried out your mobility, how was your experience, please rate:

Would you start another project?

Would you do something differently when organising another project? If yes, what? Can you give advice?

Online Tutoring 14.12. – 18.12.2020

5 thoughts on “u5_1”

    1. Hello Valentina, I hope the Mooc has helped you in the design of your project, that you received enough information and are completely enthusiastic about the erasmus adventure!

  1. I have experience in KA1 and KA2 and we even applied for Accreditation. My advice…do not exaggerate with plans, no need to be ambitious. Remember…. what you write in your application, you have to fulfil and do all promised actions. Be realistic in your plans and keep focus on your needs. All the best and wish luck to newcomers.

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