There are two different aspects to consider when it comes to final reporting: Your report as responsible organisation on the sending side and the feedback of the participants.

All participants in a mobility project are requested to fill in a report in the Mobility Tool. As sending organisation it is important to regularly check the status.
Right after return, the participant receives an email with a dedicated link to the participant report. The email request is automatically triggered by the Mobility Tool. The individual participant report is completed online in an EU Survey and is offered in various languages. The participant can save as draft and submit the form. After submission, the participant may download a PDF version but they can not edit the form again.
In the Mobility Tool, you as organiser can view the status of the participant report. The report status is either “Requested”, or “Submitted”. If the email address is incorrect or there is an issue with sending the email, the status will be “Undelivered”. In this case it is possible to send the email request to the participant again.

Within 60 days after the end of the contract the sending organisation must submit a final report for the project in the Mobility Tool. The host partner should support the sending organisation by giving the necessary information (summary of the placement, photos, evidence of success etc.) for writing and submitting their final report.

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