Project implementation at a glance

Your project is approved – and now?

From accreditation to the implementation of activities

Once you have received your Erasmus accreditation, you can apply for funding for activities. This is a very simplified form of application that you submit once a year, usually in February for a project implementation starting in June. You don´t have text parts anymore (except for poossible exceptional costs) but mainly need to choose an activity and add number of persons and day

The application form can be found at the Online Portal of the European Commission.
You first insert some general information about your project proposal and about the National Agency that will receive, assess and decide on the selection of your proposal. The section Erasmus Plan is related to your accreditation request so that no additional texts are needed. Just read the information carefully.

The main content of the application form concerns your planned activities:

You select the activity type from the drop-down list (e.g. Short-term learning mobility of VET learners), the number of participants and the days for participants (incl. travel days), accompanying persons and preparatory visits, depending on the chosen activity. You can add additional activities (e.g. Job Shadowing for staff) but be aware that each activity type can be added only once. If you click the button ‘Switch to average duration’, you can edit the average days. The total days will be calculated automatically. Afterwards you fill in details about the participants, e.g. how many of them have fewer opportunities, take part in a blended mobility or use green travel. At the bottom of the page you can add details about expected additional costs, e.g. exceptional costs or costs for inclusion support. This is the only item where you need to give further details and also a cost estimate. The remaining budget is calculated by your National Agency based on lump sums for travel and subsistence costs for a country group, target group and duration. Please note that you call up funds for 12 months.

What is a blended mobility

Blended mobilities are mobilities that that take place both virtually and on site.
There are travel costs and subsistence costs (for the on-site activity), the virtual part is not financed separately funded separately, i.e. the actual days of attendance must still be at least 10.

What´s next?

After you received your funding – either from the request as accredited organisation or as results from a successfull application for a short-term project – have a look at our checklist for project realisation.

You can download the checklist as pdf.

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