We have already talked about evaluating the performance of the participants. This involves the validation of what has been learned and a possible crediting for further training or further career paths.
By evaluation at this point we mean the assessment of the project and its impact, but also the project management and all related processes.

What tools can be used for evaluation?

When choosing the evaluation method, you should always bear in mind the purpose and aim of the evaluation. Would you like to know more about the impact or the mobility experience? Is it about the satisfaction of the participants? Or would you like to improve your own project management and receive feedback on it?

Which evaluation method would you use for which purpose (impact assessment, satisfaction…)?

Online Tutoring 14.12. – 18.12.2020

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  1. We see so many mothods here that used to assess the work of each student .
    Some of them that I used mostly are ;
    -interview because I want to know more about the work that a student has done or whether he has worked for this project or not and the same will be done to the other members of the group until a conclusion is reached which of the students.
    -Group discussions to give each of the students the opportunity to show their group work and the difficulties that are understood are always present during this work. Each of the students has the right to speak and in this way I listen to each of the students’ opinions.
    For a group to have the best achievements while working in a group, the key to this is motivation and we as teachers can not say whenever they ask “you know I will see the result in the end then I will decide”because in this way they think that you have given them these projects simply enough to keep them busy but I should always help them whenever they need help.

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